What VW cars are coming out in 2023?

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What VW cars are coming out in 2023?


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Although we haven't seen any images of it yet, Volkswagen has confirmed a three-row SUV will soon launch on its electric-vehicle architecture. The family-friendly SUV will be called ID.8 and we expect it to share styling with the slightly smaller ID.6 (shown above) that was unveiled for the Chinese market. The ID.8 will be much larger than the ID.4, putting it into contention with mid-size SUVs. It will have three rows of seats and seating for up to seven riders. Rear-wheel drive will likely be standard, but a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive arrangement will probably be optional. It's currently unclear how big of a battery Volkswagen will offer here, but in China buyers of the smaller ID.6 can choose either a 58.0- or 77.0-kWh pack, with a driving range of up to 365 miles with the larger of the two. Given the popularity of three-row crossovers, VW would be wise to bring the ID.8 to market soon, and we expect to see it as a 2023 model.

What's New for 2023?

The ID.8 is all-new and will be the largest of Volkswagen's ID models when it goes on sale. More information should be available closer to the SUV's on-sale date.

Pricing and Which One to Buy


$45,000 (est)


$50,000 (est)

1st Edition

$55,000 (est)

Pro S

$55,000 (est)

    Like the ID.4, the ID.8 is expected to be offered in base, Pro, and Pro S trims and may also be offered in a limited-run 1stEdition model for its first model year. We are estimating the prices above and won't know exactly how much the SUV will cost or which features will be standard or optional until closer to its launch.

    EV Motor, Power, and Performance

    Volkswagen hasn't released specifics on the ID.8's powertrain, but we expect the SUV to be offered in both rear- and all-wheel-drive configurations with one or two electric motors providing propulsion. When we get a chance to test drive the ID.8, we'll update this story with driving impressions and test results.

    What VW cars are coming out in 2023?

    Chinese-market ID.6 SUV shown.


      Range, Charging, and Battery Life

      In China, the ID.6 will be available with either a 58.0- or 77.0-kWh battery pack, the latter of which is said to provide up to 365 miles of driving range per charge. The ID.8 that will make it to America will be slightly larger than the ID.6 but may use the same battery packs. Fast-charging technology will undoubtedly be standard, as it is in the smaller ID.4.

      Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

      Three rows of seats put the ID.8 into contention with the more expensive Tesla Model X and the Rivian R1S as a family-friendly SUV with an all-electric powertrain. All models will likely come with a panoramic glass roof and will offer a large 12.0-inch infotainment touchscreen for much of the car's controls.

      As more information becomes available, we'll update this story with more details about:

      • Fuel Economy and Real-World MPGe
      • Infotainment and Connectivity
      • Safety and Driver-Assistance Features
      • Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

      Discontinued Volkswagen Models

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      What VW cars are coming out in 2023?

      2023 Volkswagen Arteon SEL R-Line

      What VW cars are coming out in 2023?

      2023 Volkswagen Arteon SE R-Line

      What VW cars are coming out in 2023?

      2023 Volkswagen Arteon SEL Premium R-Line

      What VW cars are coming out in 2023?

      2023 Volkswagen Golf GTI S

      Founded in 1937, Volkswagen translates to “people’s car” and in 2020, the German automaker is still catering to the masses in the USA. The brand has a rich legacy and enjoys high sales volumes. There are a number of different VW cars in production that appeal to a variety of people. Whether you’re after a spacious SUV or a blistering hot hatch, there are enough VW models to suit your needs. While many of these have reasonable prices, some of the latest models from Volkswagen bear a keener resemblance to their relatives from Audi, and have a price tag to match.

      Characteristics of the 2021 VW Lineup

      The roster of Volkswagen models in America runs long, but regardless of the types of Volkswagen available, they all share some similarities:

      • Engines - This automaker swears by their four-pots. Of course, performance-focused derivatives get some jazzed up tuning for higher power outputs, but most rely on a standard four-cylinder to get going.
      • Interiors - This is an area where the marque simply dominates irrespective of the MSRP or the specific spec-level. The newest cars from Volkswagen have some excellent passenger areas when you compare them to competitors, being functional without appearing cheap.
      • Pricing - Because the range of Volkswagen vehicles in the US is so diverse, the cost of these automobiles vary greatly. The lowest cost belongs to the Jetta sedan with an MSRP that sits just under $20k, while the most premium is the Atlas Cross Sport that can surpass the $50k mark.

      Types of Volkswagen Cars

      The list of new cars from Volkswagen is comprehensive, and there are various types of vehicles within the VW lineup. Here are a few of them:

      • Hatchbacks - Among the most popular Volkswagens in 2021 is the 245-hp Golf GTI, a fiery little hatch that has been the flagship of the brand for some time. The Golf was accessible as a non-performance exclusive up until 2020, but the Mk 8 will only be sold in the US in GTI and R guise from this year onwards.
      • Sedans - There are four sedans to choose from. The Jetta is smaller and more reasonably priced, and you’ll likely see a few Uber drivers buzzing around town in these. It also has superb gas mileage. There is also a slightly sportier GLI version of it. The Passat is aimed at practicality but offers more luxury, and the Arteon is the most decadent of them all.
      • Wagons - The Alltrack and the SportWagen are both based on the Golf but are far more utilitarian as a result of their bigger size. The latter is the more affordable, and the Alltrack is slightly more generous in terms of stock features and overall quality.
      • SUVs - For VW, good things come in twos. There are three new items in this category for 2021. The Tiguan is more of a compact crossover than a true high-rider, and it has remained relatively unchanged for the last while. The far larger Atlas scores brilliantly too, and are the better choice for families.

      What to Consider Before Buying Volkswagen Vehicles

      Even the best have their flaws, so it makes sense to think about the arguments for and against a new Volkswagen:


      • Range of powertrain options
      • Nearly every type of automobile in the lineup
      • Appreciable reliability ratings
      • Recent variants have high-tech cabins
      • Frugal mpg figures


      • Some motors are underpowered
      • Certain products are looking old
      • Can be a bit more expensive in comparison to rivals

      The list of Volkswagen models currently for sale is quite extensive. The prices of Volkswagen’s newest cars also range from budget to extravagant:

      ModelPowerEngineBase Price
      Volkswagen Arteon 300 hp 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas $40,750
      Volkswagen Atlas 235 hp 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas $34,335
      Volkswagen Beetle 174 hp 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas $20,895
      Volkswagen CC 200 hp 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas $34,475
      Volkswagen Eos 200 hp 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas $31,995
      Volkswagen GLI 200 hp 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas $23,745
      Volkswagen Golf 147 hp 1.4L Turbo Inline-4 Gas $23,195
      Volkswagen GTI 200 hp 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas $24,595
      Volkswagen ID.4 201 hp Electric $41,230
      Volkswagen ID.Aero 302 hp Electric TBC


      Is it advisable to purchase a used option?

      Yes, there is no reason not to. Just make sure you’re dealing with a reputable dealership and you clearly evaluate the history of the auto. New cars from Volkswagen are ideal, but preloved should be equally as dependable.

      What is the best way to know which trim is right for me?

      The first step would be looking for a reliable and informative review of each Volkswagen you are considering. This will help you determine which of the various options meet your specific needs. From there, it is recommended that you take each of your finalists for a test drive to see how it really feels. With the combination of detailed research and hands-on experience, it should become clear which is the perfect fit for you.

      What is the most inexpensive product from the manufacturer?

      The Jetta is currently the cheapest vehicle in the stable, starting at around $19k. It is also eminently economical in its standard guise, returning mileage figures of 30/40/34 miles per gallon across the city/highway/combined cycles.

      For more information on specs, features, and comparisons with direct rivals, check out our in-depth reviews. There is also a handy ranking system to help you quickly draw up a shortlist of your top picks.

      Volkswagen News

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      Is Volkswagen coming out with any new cars?

      Although we haven't seen any images of it yet, Volkswagen has confirmed a three-row SUV will soon launch on its electric-vehicle architecture. The family-friendly SUV will be called ID. 8 and we expect it to share styling with the slightly smaller ID. 6 (shown above) that was unveiled for the Chinese market.

      When can you order a 2023 VW?

      While no date has been announced for the release of the 2023 Volkswagen ID. 4, we expect it to be available by Q4 of 2022 if the production schedule holds. While it's possible Volkswagen engineers will make some changes to the VW ID.

      Will there be a 2023 Jetta?

      The Jetta is available in four trims for model year 2023—S, Sport, SE, and SEL. The 2023 GLI is offered in one fully-equipped Autobahn trim. After receiving a refresh for MY22, the Jetta family adds minor cosmetic changes and remote start for SE models.

      Will there be a 2023 Passat?

      models. We've caught the new Volkswagen Passat testing numerous times but these latest spy shots give us our best look yet at VW's new large estate car. The B9 generation Passat should be unveiled in 2023, in estate and hatchback form, with the saloon set to be ditched from the range.