What type of personal protective equipment is necessary when one is processing instruments quizlet?

What type of PPE is necessary when one is processing instruments?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) that must always be used when processing instruments includes: utility gloves, a mask, eyewear, and protective clothing.

What additional item must be worn Besides the normal PPE when processing instruments?

Nitrile utility gloves, protective clothing, and protective eyewear must be worn when soiled instruments are handled.

Which patient care items are classified as Semicritical instruments?

Semicritical items (such as mouth mirrors, amalgam condensers, and reusable dental impression trays) are those that come into contact with mucous membranes or non-intact skin (such as exposed skin that is chapped, abraded, or has dermatitis). These items have a lower risk of transmission.

What is the first step of instrument processing?

The instrument processing area should be physically divided into sections for 1) receiving, cleaning, and decontamination; 2) preparation and packaging; 3) sterilization; and 4) storage.